Nurture Your Heart

Nurture Your HeartAs I write this, I’m sitting in my son’s living room, located in beautiful Colorado Springs. This past weekend, I attended PenCon, a conference for editors. Yes, editors need conferences just like writers.

I can’t say enough good things about this conference organized by Kathy Ide and members of The Christian Pen. I heard terrific speakers, made new friends and connections in the editor world, and learned so much. I’m going home a better editor and a better person. Success all the way around for attending a conference.

Part of what I learned was to nurture your heart, to do things you enjoy and that refresh you.

And I planned this conference well, because in addition to the conference, [Read more…]

Creating Your Story World

Creating Your Story World Jane M Tucker

Jane M. Tucker’s debut book, Lottie’s Gift, released this week. Jane is a lifelong reader and writer who has a deep love for the art of storytelling. And that storytelling carries us along effortlessly in Lottie’s Gift.

Jane hails from Kansas and blogs weekly at Postcards from the Heartland about her life in the Midwest.

Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite herb tea and sit back for a marvelous interview as she tells us how she created the oh-so-real and engaging story of Lottie’s Gift. [Read more…]

5 Places to Sell Your Devotional Articles

Writing a short devotional for a daily devotional magazine is a good way to bring in some $$. Many markets pay $20-$25 per devotional, and most devotionals run around 200-300 words. That’s not bad money for so few words.

But writing devotionals is exacting. Requirements for devotional pieces vary widely and can be very detailed. Be sure to thoroughly read each market’s submission guidelines.

5 Devotional Markets

The Upper Room:

Augsburg Fortress, This submission page contains links to several submission opportunities including download files for their 2 devotional magazines The Word in Season and Christ in Our Home.

Light From the Word,   scroll down to find specifics

The Secret Place,

Research: Why It Matters to Your Novel

Research: Why it matters to your novel

CrossRiver Media recently accepted a second book (working title Where Destiny Awaits) from author Catherine Ulrich Brakefield. She and I connected last month at the Omaha Wordsowers writers conference, at which time she handed me a half-inch thick folder of research documents—complete with an official map of Tennessee, where her story takes place.

I could have hugged her. (Maybe only an editor can feel that way about research.) [Read more…]

The Conference Is Over, What Now?

This past weekend I was at the 2016 Wordsowers Christian Writers’ Conference where I taught on Scrivener, and also heard pitches from authors.

During the opening session, the conference director, Kat Crawford, asked how many were attending their first writers conference. I was pleasantly surprised to see nearly half the attendees raise their hands.

Kudos to you for taking that first major step toward honing your craft and getting your words out into the world.

Now that you’re back home, you might be wondering what to do now. [Read more…]

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