10 Trade Journals Accepting Submissions

As I’ve said many times before, writing for periodicals is a terrific way to hone your writing skills and earn money as you do it. If you’ve never considered this, stop and read “Why Write for Periodicals?” by the prolific writer Ava Pennington.

Today I’m featuring trade journals, publications that focus on a specific occupation or industry. Many of us who are now writers didn’t start our work lives as writers. I’m sure you have work experience you can put to good use by writing for trade journals in your field.

Trade Journals

Antique Week, http://antiqueweek.com/ no writer’s guidelines online, request by email. Contact Rachel Shallenberg, at 1-800-876-5133, x131

How, http://www.howdesign.com/ covering the graphic design profession, contact Zachary Petit, zachary.petit[at]fwcommunity.com

The Horn Book Magazine, covering children’s literature, http://www.hbook.com/about-us/submissions/

The Christian Communicator, a 20-page, monthly (Nov/Dec combined) magazine for Christian writers and speakers is written for beginning and intermediate writers. https://regaforder.wordpress.com/articles/guidelines-ad-rates/

Kids’ Ministry Ideas is a resource publication for those leading children to Jesus, from a Seventh-day Adventist Christian perspective, http://kidsministryideas.org/content/writers_guidelines

Momentum, covering edutcationa lissues in Catholic schools, http://www.ncea.org/publications/momentum-0; for the contributor form (pdf download) https://www.ncea.org/sites/default/files/documents/momentum_2015_contributorform.pdf

Arts & Activities, covering art education, http://www.artsandactivities.com/Writersguides.html

The Forensic Teacher, covering forensic education, http://theforensicteacher.com/Home_files/FT_2014_Writers_Guidelines.pdf (pdf download)

PTO Today, published six times a year, based on the school calendar; writes about all parent groups, including PTAs http://www.ptotoday.com/pto-today-submission-guidelines

Teaching Theatre, covering education theater, link to pdf download, https://www.schooltheatre.org/communities/community-home/librarydocuments/viewdocument?DocumentKey=a26a1aef-a2ca-4739-aec0-95732828f516&tab=librarydocuments

Happy submitting!

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