5 Children’s Book Publishers Accepting Manuscripts

Sales of children’s books are growing. Our local writers group often participates in regional events by setting up a booth to sell and sign books. Children’s books usually garner the most sales at these events.

That said, finding a publisher for your children’s book requires the same hard work as for any other genre. Today, I’m offering a list of children’s publishers.

Children’s Book Publishers

Salariya, a British-based publisher, https://salariya.com/submission-policy

Arbordale Publishing, for US and Canadian authors and illustrators, https://www.arbordalepublishing.com/Submissions.htm

Albert Whitman & Company, http://www.albertwhitman.com/submission-guidelines-for-unrepresented-authors/

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., http://www.eerdmans.com/Pages/YoungReaders/EBYR-Guidelines.aspx

Kids Can Press, Canadian publishing house, accepts manuscripts from Canadian authors only, http://www.kidscanpress.com/writers

As always, read the submission guidelines thoroughly, review their catalog if available, and consider taking a look at their books at a local bookstore (I know those are getting harder and harder to find) to ensure your story is a good fit.

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Inclusion here does not constitute endorsement.

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