9 Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

Looking for a Literary Agent?If you’re looking for literary agents, here are 9 from the top 50 agencies. Read what the agent accepts and then read and follow the agency’s submission guidelines before submitting. This will improve your chances of being read!

Many literary agencies also blog, offering insight into the publishing and literary agent world, as well as advice on the craft of writing. Check them out.

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  1. Hi Debra, this is great info. I have yet to feel led to seek out an agent but I know it is the dream of many to have one. I’d encourage everyone to meet a prospective agent in person before signing any contracts. A contract is a legally binding matter and no one wants to be “married” to the wrong agent.

    • Elaine, thanks for that great advice about meeting an agent in person. The place to do that is at writers’ conferences. Lacking that, the next best thing would be a phone conversation. Like finding the right fit in a shoe, it’s important to get the right agent or your writing life can be painful.

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