A New Take on Writing Prompts

Until today I balked at writing prompts. After all if I’m going to use my time and creative gray cells, I want to be working on my own ideas. But today, thanks to a snowstorm and a niece, I have a new opinion.

Why Use Prompts?

  • Free writing from a prompt can help get your creative engine running and ready to tackle your present WIP.
  • Using prompts on a regular basis will help you develop the discipline of writing regularly and develop your writing skills.
  • As you ponder a writing prompt new story ideas find their way into your idea book to be more fully developed at a later date—unless you are ready to begin a new project right now (my personal favorite).

So here’s my writing prompt to you (straight from my personal Facebook page):

Snow is falling thick and fast, and in the darkness of pre-dawn morning, it looks like fog.

Where does your imagination take you? Romance, mystery, thriller, memoir? What plot ideas present themselves? Who are your characters? What danger, if any, are they facing?

The first three people to leave relevant comments will receive free feedback on 1000 words of their WIP or magazine article.

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