Use Mind Principles to Succeed at Your Resolutions

Another new year, another new resolution…well, maybe not new. Maybe you’re still reaching for that goal of getting published.

I stopped making resolutions eons ago because I never succeeded reaching them anyway.

Then I turned to creating SMART goals. They helped, but I always fell short—way short.

Have you done the same in your effort to get published, but met with no success?

That’s because we didn’t understand how the brain works.

Or how to merge biblical principles with how the brain works.

Today, I’m offering a better option for reaching your dream of best-selling author.  [Read more…]

Producing a Quality Self-Published Book – with C. Austin Tucker

Behold the Lamb book coverThat’s a bold title I’ve given this post, and I’m sure that most people who self-publish desire to create a quality product. But that’s just not what happens all the time.

People get scammed. Or those who just don’t know better put their books out there before the book is ready for publication.

But author C. Austin Tucker spent the time to learn the realities of publishing. She shares some of that with us today.

That said, it’s December and we’re all immersed in preparing for and celebrating Christmas. What better time to discuss Tucker’s book Behold the Lamb: A Harmony of the Gospels (The Chronological Word Truth Life Bible).

I’ll be the first to admit, I often get confused because the Bible [Read more…]

Share Your Successes and Disappontments

If you read last week’s post about the kind of year I’ve had, you know it’s been a wild ride.

What has your year been like? What successes have you had? Any disappointments?

Since it’s the end of the year, share in the comments your achievements and [Read more…]

Stand on God’s Promises–All Things Are Possible

With God all things are possible

The year is drawing to a close and 2018 looms ahead. When I was a kid, 1980 seemed futuristic!

This is the time of year I usually look back through my year to see what I’ve accomplished and compare it to the previous year. Invariably my growth surprises me.

Perhaps you’ve had a bad year. Or you haven’t met your goals. I understand!

Most of us have a bad day here and there, or a bad week, or sometimes even [Read more…]

Publishing from Across the Pond with Debut Author Gail Gritts

I’m visiting with debut author Gail Gritts today. Her children’s book, Messy Hair Game, released this month. Gail’s situation is a bit different than most authors. She lives in England, serving in missionary work with her husband, and has published here in America.

With all that, she is gaining success in marketing her book in England.

Let’s dive in. [Read more…]

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