Battling the Fear of Self-Doubt

Have you ever said to yourself “who wants to read what I have to write?”

Maybe you hear those niggling words in your head everyday? Once a month? Maybe it’s just once in awhile, but even that is more often than you want to hear them.

I’ve been battling those particular words since I started writing back when I was 12 years old.

The verbiage may vary, [Read more…]

Put an End to “I’ll Never Write Like That”

hand holding pen

Write, write, write, and you’ll find your unique voice.

I’ve been reading a wonderful book written by Lynn Austin titled Hidden Places.

More than once as I’ve read the gentle, lilting prose of this story I’ve said to myself “I wish I could write like this.”

I bet you’ve found yourself saying the same thing as you’ve read books that gripped you with the power of those well written words.

But this morning the very moment after I thought those words, God answered back. [Read more…]

Writer Website a Must

Tuesday tip from writer editor Debra L. ButterfieldGet past your fears, your doubts, your lack of expertise, your (you fill in the blank), about creating a writer/author website for yourself.

As a writer you want to give readers and potential publishers and magazine editors a place to go and find out more about yourself. In fact, it’s a must.

Your website is the answer. Here you can let them know who you are, what you have to offer, and list your publication credits. No credits yet, then wow visitors with your sparkling web copy.

What’s keeping you from starting a website? 

Getting Past Failure

I’ve blogged about fear before, many times. For me growing up and as an adult, fear rode on my shoulder like the proverbial mini devil whispering in my ear. Maybe fear had a stronger influence on me because failure equaled rejection.

Recent events in my life have brought a lot of questions. Is my goal to make a living as a full-time freelance writer impossible? Do I need to give it up and go back to the traditional world of 9 to 5?

Does going back to a 9-5 job mean I’ve failed at my dream? No, it doesn’t! Because I can still keep working at my dream while working my day job. With determination and perseverance I will succeed.

Through all this I’ve learned it’s okay to fail because it means at least I tried. Too many people have dreams and that’s all they ever are—dreams. They don’t even try; they just make excuses.

Don’t let fear of failure, or fear of anything, stop you from reaching for your dreams. Because unlike so many others out there, you can say “At least I tried. Did you?”

With determination and perseverance you boost your chances at success. So get up off the bench and trot out onto the field. Believe in yourself. Begin today to reach for your dreams.

What are your dreams? What’s stopping you? Leave your comments below.

Debra L. Butterfield © 2013

We All Have Two Beginning Choices

I overslept the other day, throwing my schedule way out of kilter. I had two choices when I threw off the bed covers: berate myself all day for not getting up on time, or tell myself it’s okay, I’ll do better tomorrow.

I’m well acquainted with the dirt life dishes out (If you want to know more, email me). And if there’s one thing I’ve learned through all my difficulties, it’s that all decisions are birthed from a positive or negative attitude. I can face the situation head on with an attitude of “I can do this” and then proceed to win the battle. Or I can plop down and say “I can’t do this” and let the circumstances defeat me.

Maybe that seems simplistic to you, but it’s true. Our attitude directs our decisions. If you tend toward negativity, a change in attitude starts with positive thinking. But as you succeed in one battle, and then another, and another, thinking becomes believing. Deep down, gut level believing.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve done my share of moaning. I believed I would get through, but my negative outlook kept me from being as successful in the fight as I could have been.

I don’t want to “just get through.” I want to come out stronger and wiser, not wounded and hurting. Having a positive attitude can make that happen. A positive attitude also gives you the peace and courage you need.

How about it? Next time life throws a pebble, rock, or boulder, stop first and examine your attitude, then make the necessary decisions.


All decisions are birthed from a positive or negative attitude. (Tweet this)
Our attitude directs our decisions. (Tweet this)
A positive attitude makes all the difference. (Tweet this)
A positive attitude gives you courage and peace to face life’s difficulties. (Tweet this)

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Debra L. Butterfield © 2013

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