Ready for Repurposing?

The Repurposed and Upcylced Life

My life is a good example of what my guest Michelle Rayburn has to share today. We all have bad experiences and hurts in our lives. Whether we allow God to work in, through, and with them is up to us.

At the age of 42 I started life over. And piece by piece God has created a new me. I use my skill as a writer to encourage and teach other writers so they in turn can share what God has done in their lives and shine the light of God into a dark world. Are you …

Ready for Repurposing? by Michelle Rayburn

I love trash to treasure and shabby chic decorating. In the decorating world, I would describe repurposing as the process of giving a worn out or abandoned object a new purpose—usually something imaginative and clever—despite it being too broken for its original use. One of my favorite repurposed possessions is the vintage bicycle I have in my flowerbed. The tires are flat and the gears shot, but it holds a basket of flowers in its rusty “arms” and the whimsical presence makes me smile. [Read more…]

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