Producing a Quality Self-Published Book – with C. Austin Tucker

Behold the Lamb book coverThat’s a bold title I’ve given this post, and I’m sure that most people who self-publish desire to create a quality product. But that’s just not what happens all the time.

People get scammed. Or those who just don’t know better put their books out there before the book is ready for publication.

But author C. Austin Tucker spent the time to learn the realities of publishing. She shares some of that with us today.

That said, it’s December and we’re all immersed in preparing for and celebrating Christmas. What better time to discuss Tucker’s book Behold the Lamb: A Harmony of the Gospels (The Chronological Word Truth Life Bible).

I’ll be the first to admit, I often get confused because the Bible [Read more…]

Publishing from Across the Pond with Debut Author Gail Gritts

I’m visiting with debut author Gail Gritts today. Her children’s book, Messy Hair Game, released this month. Gail’s situation is a bit different than most authors. She lives in England, serving in missionary work with her husband, and has published here in America.

With all that, she is gaining success in marketing her book in England.

Let’s dive in. [Read more…]

Author Chris Manion with 10 Tips for the Book Publication Journey

Today’s interview is with Chris Manion, author of God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul.

Chris has 30 years’ writing and speaking experience and is passionate about using her God-given talents to help audiences worldwide overcome obstacles to their relationship to God or their leadership skills.

How do you keep yourself motivated to write?

First, I had to finally claim the vocation of writer as my own. That took a while, even though [Read more…]

Books, Your Business, and Reaching a Niche Audience

We write books for various reasons—a niche subject we’re passionate about, a personal story to share with others, to inform, or even to simply entertain.

For entrepreneurs, reaching a wider audience in order to help them in our area of expertise often prompts us to write a book. Such is the case for Kristen Krueger who is in the process of writing her first book and plans to launch it April 2018.

Kristen, you’re a counselor; what thoughts were at the foundation of your decision to write Invisible Wounds? [Read more…]

Karyn Almendarez – Reaching Amazon Best Seller Status

Best selling author Karyn AlmendarezI’m trying something new today: a recorded interview with Amazon best seller Karyn Almendarez. We’ll be talking about her book, Tragedy’s Treasures: A Mom’s Journey Through Grief and what Karyn did to reach the Amazon #1 best seller spot for her book.

You can view the video or read the post that follows. The post is not a verbatim transcript, but the highlights of our interview.

Karyn Almendarez is a second-grade teacher, writer, and blogger. She lives in Colorado with her husband, Albert. When she is not teaching or writing, [Read more…]

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