Don’t let intimidating tasks force you to procrastinate.

When a task intimidates you, are you inclined to procrastinate doing it?

I admit, I do.

Usually it’s fear that stops me from taking action. Fear of the technology or the complexity of the task and so I procrastinate (for days, months, and yes, even years).

Invariably when I finally get to a point of [Read more…]

My Top 3 Tips for Self-Motivation

I can do this! With God, all things are possible.


The hardest day of the week for me and many others. For most because they face getting up and going to the 9-5 job. Yes, I have to get up, but I only have to walk 6 feet from my bed to my office desk. How great is that!

Whether you leave home for work or not, Mondays are about motivation. I look at my weekly calendar of scheduled work and can too easily feel overwhelmed. Especially if I’m not seeing any results with the work I’ve been doing.

For writers working a day job and writing at night (or in the early hours before work), it’s finding motivation to [Read more…]

Editors, Rejection, and Attitude

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Winston ChurchillRejection in publishing is inevitable.

In fact, if a writer told me he/she had never received a rejection letter, then I’d say he/she had never submitted any work.

Yes, rejection is hard. Yes, it hurts. As writers, we must develop a tough skin so rejections don’t readily wound us. Further, we can’t let that rejection stop us from submitting our work somewhere else.

In addition to a tough skin, our attitude affects whether we handle rejection in a way that promotes our growth as a writer. We need a persevering attitude so we can overcome and reach our goals.

We all know our attitude [Read more…]

The Conference Is Over, What Now?

This past weekend I was at the 2016 Wordsowers Christian Writers’ Conference where I taught on Scrivener, and also heard pitches from authors.

During the opening session, the conference director, Kat Crawford, asked how many were attending their first writers conference. I was pleasantly surprised to see nearly half the attendees raise their hands.

Kudos to you for taking that first major step toward honing your craft and getting your words out into the world.

Now that you’re back home, you might be wondering what to do now. [Read more…]

The Eternal Perspective on Building a Platform

concert platformAs I look at what the coming months hold for me—teaching at 4 writers conferences, learning new software, writing another book, maintaining my blog, and somewhere in between all that paying the bills and keeping my apartment clean—I totally understand the writer’s dilemma of finding time to build one’s platform.

The publishing world demands authors have a platform. Without it, it’s almost impossible to get picked up by a traditional publisher. They want those numbers up in the thousands, because after all, those numbers represent potential book buyers, [Read more…]

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