Should Leap Day Be a Holiday?

Down what road could leap day lead you?

Down what road could leap day lead you?

It’s Leap Day! That weird day that happens once every 4 years. That alone qualifies it as a holiday in my book. What about you?

Because it’s leap day and the 5th Monday of the month, I thought I’d have a little fun.

What’s the deal with February anyway? I mean, all the other months have 30 or 31 days. Why did the calendar makers only give 28 to February? Why not steal a day [Read more…]

Help! How do you stay organized?

messy officeDo you consider yourself as being organized?

I am. At least, I think I am.

After all, the spices in my kitchen cabinet are alphabetized, and so are the DVDs in my entertainment center. Look in my closet and you’ll find all my short sleeve shirts in one spot and then long sleeve and all sorted by color. My books are shelved by topic.

I suppose many would call that being OCD, but I call it [Read more…]

Fun for Friday the 13th – Giveaway

CrossRiver Author HuntWelcome to stop #12 on the CrossRiver Author Hunt.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the author hunt and have discovered some new authors whose books you want to read. I’m a CrossRiver Media author as well as a freelance editor. I’m also CrossRiver’s editor, so I get to read all these wonderful books before they ever get to the bookstore shelves.

My passion is to help writers seeking to get published, so here at my blog you’ll find posts about the craft of writing, the ins and outs of marketing, and submission markets. And have the opportunity to hire me to help you make your manuscript one that publishers send to the presses.

Writers, take a look around and if you like what you see, be sure to [Read more…]

Congratulations to…

celebratingNothing is as exciting as getting good news from a publisher. Please join me in extending a word of congratulations to these writers.

Keely Brooke Keith
Has joined CrossRiver Media Group as their newest author. Her book Aboard Providence will release Fall 2016.

Cynthia Toney
Has signed a three-book contract for a Bird Face series with Write Integrity Press. Book 1 is titled 8 Notes to a Nobody and will release in September. No exact date yet because they’re trying to get the second book ready at the same time.

Getting a project done is another milestone.

Michael Wallace
Has finished his book on creation and evolution. Now to find a publisher!

Photo by Matthew Van Hook of GregRon Photography. Copyright 2004 by Matthew Van Hook. Used with permission.

Let’s Celebrate!

July 4Join with me in saying CONGRATULATIONS to these writers:

Charlene Harris:

  • *North To Absolution* is to be published this year.
  • *Sam’s Song,* a narrative nonfiction, once completed, already has a publisher wanting first bid on the book.
  • *Anju* has been picked up by Barbarian Books and should be in e-book format sometime this year.
  • *Misfire* will be accepted by Barbarian Books as soon as I complete it. They have given me two weeks, so I’m working like a maniac.
  • I’ve had a talent agent in London talking to me about my work, and she is deciding now which genre they wish to review first.
  • I have a new website you can find at where you can read “About Me” and see a list of my projects.

Marie Wells Coutu:

  • *Thirsting for More* (, the second book in the Mended Vessels series, released in April. Published by Write Integrity Press, novels in the series are loosely based on biblical women and reveal how God takes broken lives and restores them to usefulness. The stories of Queen Esther and the Samaritan woman at the well—each one re-imagined in contemporary settings—demonstrate how the principles of God’s love apply today. Each is a stand-alone story but the books are connected by their themes of restoration, forgiveness, and hope through stories of women who find significance in spite of their pasts.
  • The first book,* For Such a Moment* (, won the Books of Hope Contest. The e-book is available on Kindle for $.99 through the end of April.

Charlene and Marie, congratulations on these successes. God’s best as you continue your work of writing and promoting your books.

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