What Marketing Book Would You Recommend?

As the first Monday of the month, my focus is marketing.

I struggle with marketing like many authors do. I’ve purchased 1 or 2 marketing books, but they were only a little helpful.

So today, I’d like to hear from you.

What book(s) on marketing have you found most helpful and why? Please leave your response in the comments below so all my readers can read your choices and maybe find a book that can help them.

Thank you, and happy marketing!

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  1. Everyday Book Marketing by Midge Raymond. She explores many of the traditional methods such as book tours, plus several social media options, and a few original ideas. Then she breaks each one down, explaining how to fit them into your already busy life.

    Very practical. I’ve gone back to it several times.

    • Thanks for sharing, Kathy. I think the difficulty these days is that things are constantly changing. I know you have two new books coming out this year and I pray that what you’ve learned from Raymond helps you with a successful launch and the marketing after that first month.

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