Backstory in Your Novel: Getting It Right

nuclear explosion, the problem with backstoryTwo mistakes writers make when it comes to backstory are:

  1. Putting it in chapter one
  2. Using too much at a time

What is backstory?

Tim Tomlinson, in The Portable MFA in Creative Writing, tells us backstory is: [Read more…]

Show don’t tell: Dissecting what it looks like

woman with megaphone, show don't tellShow don’t tell.

Does this piece of advice kink you up in knots? Writers hear it all the time from various angles—other writers, editors, and conference workshop instructors.

When I first starting writing, I struggled with it, too. Too many of the blog posts I read only talked about it and never showed any examples. Sample sentences go a long way in helping me recognize mistakes in my writing.

In a recent webinar Q&A, attendees expressed their difficulties with show don’t tell. So today, I’m offering several examples and some explanations that I hope will help you get untied.

Kudos to my client Donna Wittlif who has allowed me to use 2 excerpts from her WIP as illustrations. [Read more…]

5 Tips to Snag a Publisher Free Webinar

Are you unsure where to start with your manuscript submission? Frustrated with boilerplate rejection letters?

Then be sure to sign up for my free 5 Tips to Snag a Publisher webinar. It happens June 8, 12 p.m. Central Time.

5 Tips to Snag a Publisher free webinar


What to do when your motivation takes a vacation

Sometimes it takes all the willpower I can muster to put my butt in the chair and write.

By day I’m a freelance editor/writer and by night an editor for CrossRiver Media. I’m single and my children are grown, but I still have all the household chores to do.

Work, eat, sleep. Work, eat, sleep. My motivation wants to hop a train to Denver, and leave me behind to the comfort of the couch and a mind-numbing DVD.

Because I’m self-employed, I can give in to this lack of motivation for a day. I justify it by telling myself I deserve a day off. But then a day becomes two and sometimes three.

Do you ever have days like that? Weeks maybe where you lack the motivation to work toward your dreams?

I’m guest posting today at Join me there for the rest of this post.

Seek and Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

My head’s abuzz with thoughts coming fast and furious.

And all because of those little quizzes that pop up on Facebook. Then the next day I got an email from Bryan Hutchinson’s blog, Positive Writer, that prompted me to download and read his free ebooks Good Enough and The Writer’s Manifesto. Those things combined helped lead the way for me to put an end to a limiting belief I’ve carried for decades.

So what does this have to do with you or with writing? [Read more…]

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