Scrivener for Windows 9 quick tech tips for working faster

Scrivener for Windows 9 Quick Tech TipsMany writers prefer to have a distraction-free screen as they write. For Scrivener users that means working with the binder and inspector closed. But when you need to do specific tasks that can often mean reopening either.

Today, I’d like to show you some Scrivener shortcuts that will help you avoid that. 

You can watch the video or read the text below.

When you’re in outline mode

Scrivener shortcuts abound everywhere within the program. Don’t be afraid to play around and click on things to discover those that will help you most.

While in outline mode you might want to navigate to a document.

Simply double click the document icon to go to the document you want.

Scrivener outline mode document shortcut

Do you want to change the label of a given document?

Double click in the label area of that document. Then click again to bring down the submenu and select the label you want.

Scrivener outline label change

You want to add to your synopsis.

Double click in the synopsis area. This will open the synopsis area and select all the existing text in the synopsis. Either click in the area to deselect the text and start typing what you want to add, or start typing while all the text is selected to replace all the text.

outline synopsis

When in editor mode

Need a tab?

Hover your mouse in the ruler area where you want a tab, then right click and select the tab you want. Want to get rid of a tab? Just drag and drop it off the ruler.

Scrivener creating tabs

Need a snapshot of your document?

Click on the document icon in the upper left corner and select Take a Snapshot.

Scrivener snapshot shortcut

Want to set a target word count for a specific document?

Select the document, then click on the target icon in the right bottom corner. This will open the Document Target window and you can then set the word count you want to achieve. Once you set a word count, a bar will appear in the bottom right corner to the left of the target icon. This bar changes color accordingly as you accrue your word count.

Scrivener target word count

Want to move to the document directly above or below the currently selected document?

Select the up or down arrow found in the upper right hand corner of the document. You can continue clicking until you reach the document you want.

Scrivener next document shortcut

Need a new document? You’ll need the binder for this.

First select the folder you want the document to go into. Then select the new text icon in the bottom left corner of the binder.

Scrivener new text

Need a new folder?

First select the folder level you want. Then select the new folder icon in the bottom left of the binder. This creates a new folder at the same level as the one selected.

new folder shortcut

If you create the folder in a place you don’t want it, move it by right clicking your mouse and selecting the appropriate action/place.

move a folder

Do you have Scrivener shortcuts you like? Share it in the comments below.

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