Seek and Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs

My head’s abuzz with thoughts coming fast and furious.

And all because of those little quizzes that pop up on Facebook. Then the next day I got an email from Bryan Hutchinson’s blog, Positive Writer, that prompted me to download and read his free ebooks Good Enough and The Writer’s Manifesto. Those things combined helped lead the way for me to put an end to a limiting belief I’ve carried for decades.

So what does this have to do with you or with writing? Because I don’t know any creative person who doesn’t struggle with doubts about her or his abilities.

Doubt comes from believing that no matter how much we try, nothing we do will be enough. Even if we are congratulated for our efforts, somewhere inside of us we believe it should have been better! ~Bryan Hutchinson, Good Enough

The “who am I to write this book/illustrate this book/design this book cover,” etc.? Whatever creative niche you’re in, I’m certain you’ve asked yourself that question at least once in your lifetime.

My journey to freedom began with an online chat with my writer friend Rebecca Livermore. I’d made a comment about procrastination and always choosing to work on clients’ projects and rarely my own. She said it might not be procrastination but that “you don’t value your own work as much as the work of others.”

Lightning flashed. Thunder rumbled. The force of her truth knocked me back in my chair as if God Himself hand-delivered it into my lap. (Actually that’s exactly what He did through Rebecca!) I realized my work is just as valuable as the next person’s. God has given me certain talents and skills, just as He has you, and He expects me to use them.

In the week that followed that breakthrough, I ordered Square for my phone so I could take credit card orders at live book events. And I applied for a business tax license. Simple steps that may seem obvious to you, yet for me were giant leaps in how I viewed my business (yes, writing books is a business!).

What limiting belief did I throw out the window that day? That I have no value. What truth did I embrace? That I am so valuable Christ died for me.

God didn’t stop there. He continued to bring things into my life to lead me to deeper truth. That’s what happened this week when I faced the wounds of rejection I’ve suffered so often in my life.

brick wallFrom the first hurtful moment of being rejected as a child I embraced the lie (limiting belief) that I wasn’t likable or lovable. I began to build a wall to protect myself. With the rejection and name calling from elementary schoolmates, I added another layer of bricks. High school wasn’t much better, especially since my last name was the same as the principal’s, even though we weren’t related.

Adulthood brought more wounds, and after my now ex-husband sexually abused my daughter I no longer had a brick wall, I had a house complete with roof. But my house didn’t protect me. It isolated me and hindered my observation of life. I longed for friendship, but instead I unknowingly pushed people away.

How to Create Change

Recognizing limiting beliefs/lies is the first step. The second step is to replace the lie with truth. As a Christian, I rely on the truth of the Bible.


  • I’m not valuable./My art isn’t valuable.
  • If I’m wealthy, I’ll turn my back on God.
  • I must be perfect./My work must be perfect.
  • It’s a weakness to ask for help.


  • I’m so valuable Christ died for me. (John 3:16)
  • God wants to bless me so I can be a blessing to others. (Genesis 12:2)
  • Only God is perfect. He loves me with all my flaws. (Romans 5:8)
  • We are relational beings and accomplish greater things when we work together. (Exodus 17:12-13

It is God’s power working within and through us that brings about His will and plan for our lives. But our limiting beliefs can block that power.

What limiting beliefs are holding you back? Make an appointment with yourself this week to sit quietly and seek the answers. Ask God to reveal what’s hindering you from accomplishing what you want to do. It may take more than one time, but trust God. He will answer.

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 NLT

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  1. You have no idea how much I needed to read this today! Thank you.

  2. Well said. We all build our houses of fear and doubt that seem impenetrable at times. We just have to keep reaffirming our worth in God’s eyes. If the one-talent man had done something with his one talent, God would not have cast him into outer darkness and given his one talent to someone else. Our Father has given us many talents to use for His glory.

    • Donna, you’re so right about the man with one talent. I cringe at the many potential friends I unknowingly pushed away. Now that I’ve knocked down that “house” I’m seeing the world with new eyes.

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