How to Find a Publisher

For people dipping their toes into the vast sea of publishing for the first time, knowing how to find a publisher can be an overwhelming task.

I’m talking to those who have ventured into these waters from another field. Doctor, teacher, business exec, stay-at-home mom. And now God has given you a story or message to share.

Where do you start?

How to Write a Book Proposal: Advice from 3 Experts

Book proposal acceptedDo you want to get published? Then learning how to write a book proposal that captures the editor is essential.

I’m not an expert on book proposals, but here are three people who are and their advice on writing book proposals.

Michael Hyatt is a best selling author and [Read more…]

The Top 3 Mistakes Writers Make When Submitting and How to Fix Them

rejected book proposalDo you dream of getting published? What writer doesn’t?

But in their excitement and exuberance of completing a manuscript writers often make these 3 crippling mistakes when submitting their manuscripts to publishers.

The No. 1 Mistake

They don’t include a book proposal.

The book proposal is [Read more…]

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Get Published!

Looking for a publisher? Then be sure to get 5 Things Every Writer Needs to Do When Submitting a Manuscript (make sure you avoid these common mistakes). Sign up below for your free download.
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