Nurture Your Heart

Nurture Your HeartAs I write this, I’m sitting in my son’s living room, located in beautiful Colorado Springs. This past weekend, I attended PenCon, a conference for editors. Yes, editors need conferences just like writers.

I can’t say enough good things about this conference organized by Kathy Ide and members of The Christian Pen. I heard terrific speakers, made new friends and connections in the editor world, and learned so much. I’m going home a better editor and a better person. Success all the way around for attending a conference.

Part of what I learned was to nurture your heart, to do things you enjoy and that refresh you.

And I planned this conference well, because in addition to the conference, [Read more…]

7 Writers Conferences to Attend

Writer’s conferences are one of the best places to get your work in front of agents and acquisitions editors. While you can find conferences happening the year round, spring and summer have the most to offer.

Now, while you still have time to rearrange your work schedule and purchase plane tickets at a reasonable price, is a good time to look at what’s ahead, and what will meet your needs.

Here are several questions to consider as you study the conferences. [Read more…]

Writers Conferences to Attend

Because I’ve been touting the importance of attending writers’ conferences I thought it was time I listed some. The four listed below are consistently named among writers as excellent conferences.

In my search for conference info, I found W. Terry Whalin’s page “Which Conferences Are Worth It?’ All four of the above conferences make his “worth it” list.

Many of the conferences have already been held for this year, but if you’re like all of us you have a budget to meet. The months ahead will allow you to save each month toward attending a conference of your choice next year if not this year.

To find more conferences provides a searchable list. The Christian Writer’s Market Guide lists conferences by location.

What writers’ conference do you recommend?

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