Ask the Editor–How do I know I have a good editor?

Ask the EditorToday is part 2 of Ask the Editor and is a continuation of yesterday’s questions.

What clues can help authors in knowing they have a good editor?

What a great question. Many writers may wonder about this without ever really voicing the question even to themselves. Scams are everywhere in all arenas.

My take on this would be that the editor… [Read more…]

How You Can Save Money in the Editing Process

save money using style sheetWe all know hiring a professional editor can be an expensive proposition. So finding ways to help your editor save time in editing your book is a good thing.

I can’t take credit for today’s idea. I learned this tool from author and publisher Mark Gilroy at a Heart of America Writers Conference I attended several years ago.

It’s a tool every writer should consider using because it’s tremendously useful for your editor and can save the editor a lot of time and work.

What is that tool? [Read more…]

5 Upcoming Writers Conferences

Debra L. Butterfield

Photo courtesy of Carol J. Sharp

Writers conferences are not only great places to learn, but they are a lot of fun to attend!

I enjoy teaching at conferences as much as I enjoy attending them. That’s me in the pic above, teaching at the Called to Write Conference in Pittsburg, Kansas, this past April.

At conferences, you’ll learn about writing and the world of publishing as well as be able to present your work to agents and editors. You’ll also be able to network with other writers and make new friendships.

Upcoming writers conferences [Read more…]

How to Track Your Article Submissions

Whether you submit with regularity or not, it’s important to track your submissions. How else will you follow up if you have no record of the magazines and editors (or agents/publishing houses) to whom you have submitted your work?

I keep a simple Excel file with the following info:

  • Date submitted
  • Magazine name
  • Editor’s name
  • Editor’s email
  • Editor’s phone number
  • Name of article submitted
  • Date to follow up. Most publications state a period of time to allow for review of your submission. Follow up with an email to the editor only after the stated time for review has passed.
  • Status (accepted or rejected)
  • Payment due. If accepted you need to know when your payment is due because some publications pay on acceptance and some on publication.
  • Payment rec’d date.  If you record this date as soon as the payment comes in, you won’t be left wondering later on if you got paid.

Not all of us are uber organized. I take advantage of the tools someone else has designed to help me. I just adjust them to suit my needs and circumstances.

Design whatever works for you, and be diligent to use it.

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