Are You Undermining Your Motivation to Write? Change Your Self-Talk

Use constructive versus restrictive motivation to reach your goals.Motivation is a consistent issue with many writers. I read about it on my blog and hear about it at writers’ conferences I attend.

Guess what? even yours truly has issues at times.

Let’s start by setting the foundation with what it really is. [Read more…]

Writing affirmations that help you reach your goals

2018 goals affirmationsWriting goals is easy. Achieving them isn’t.

By now I expect many who made resolutions in January have already faltered in keeping them or have completely forgotten them.

Personally, because I am employing the new principles I talked about last month, I am experiencing some push back from my brain. Mostly thoughts like “How am I going to do that?” and “That’s unrealistic, maybe you should pull back a little.”

I spent some time rereading portions of Making Your Mind Magnificent so I could understand and counter the negativity. The brain doesn’t like change.

This month I want to dive further into principle #10: Your brain locks onto the strongest picture. [Read more…]

Use Mind Principles to Succeed at Your Resolutions

Another new year, another new resolution…well, maybe not new. Maybe you’re still reaching for that goal of getting published.

I stopped making resolutions eons ago because I never succeeded reaching them anyway.

Then I turned to creating SMART goals. They helped, but I always fell short—way short.

Have you done the same in your effort to get published, but met with no success?

That’s because we didn’t understand how the brain works.

Or how to merge biblical principles with how the brain works.

Today, I’m offering a better option for reaching your dream of best-selling author.  [Read more…]

Do we set goals or fulfill our calling?

concert platformI don’t know about you, but my inbox has been jammed with emails about making 2017 a great year. Nothing in and of itself wrong with that goal. But I’ve deleted those emails without reading them.

This year I won’t be setting goals  [Read more…]

5 Lessons I learned from 2016 that can help you in 2017


In many places around the world, the New Year is celebrated by shooting off fireworks. Though I didn’t shoot off fireworks on Jan. 1, 2016, the year has been filled with fireworks.

What do I mean by fireworks? Stepping outside my comfort zone. Here’s what that looked like for me:

  • Taught workshops at 4 writer’s conferences
  • Held my first Facebook live videos
  • Held my first webinar
  • Learned new software for book design
  • Learned and instituted new technology on my website in an effort to better meet my readers needs

Has your year included some fireworks? [Read more…]

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