11 Kinds of Magazine Articles You Can Write

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Are you looking for ideas?

Writing magazine articles is a good way to bring in steady extra income while you work on your book. But do you struggle to find ideas?

Let the following list of 11 types of articles you can write serve as a springboard. Each type has it own requirements and purposes.

If you are a regular subscriber of one or two specific periodicals, consider how their articles fit into the following categories. Then think about [Read more…]

10 Trade Journals Accepting Submissions

As I’ve said many times before, writing for periodicals is a terrific way to hone your writing skills and earn money as you do it. If you’ve never considered this, stop and read “Why Write for Periodicals?” by the prolific writer Ava Pennington.

Today I’m featuring trade journals, publications that focus on a specific occupation or industry. Many of us who are now writers didn’t start our work lives as writers. I’m sure you have work experience you can put to good use by writing for trade journals in your field. [Read more…]

Why Write for Periodicals?

Last week I posted the submission guidelines to 6 magazines. I do this on a regular basis. Why? Because writing for periodicals is one of the best ways to hone your writing skills.

Today’s guest, multi-published author Ava Pennington, has a great deal of expertise in this area and is here today to discuss 6 reasons why you should write for periodicals.

Why Write for Periodicals?

By Ava Pennington [Read more…]

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