Formatting Your Manuscript for Publisher Submission

Lately, I’ve gotten a lot of manuscripts to edit with incorrect formatting.

Using the standard format for your manuscript for submission to a publisher or freelance editor is important. Do it incorrectly and you immediately tell that publisher you’re an amateur.

Yes, we all start at the beginning, but there’s no need to let the publisher know you’re new at this. You can submit like a pro the first time! [Read more…]

Topic-Specific Publishers Open to Submissions

Today marks the beginning of Monday Marketing, when I will feature either markets open for submissions, or tips on marketing yourself or your writing.

When we think about book publishers, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing all of them publish any kind of book. O contraire. The focus of a publishing house can be as broad, as non-fiction and fiction of all genres, or pinpoint precise as in only books about a specific topic. All publishers have a focus, and studying their products/guidelines will ensure you do not waste time submitting to the wrong publisher. Before submitting to any publisher, thoroughly read and follow their guidelines.

Today’s listing* of topic-specific publishers:

What resources do you use to find a publisher? Leave your comment below.

*Listing here does not constitute endorsement.

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