Getting your book from your head to the virtual bookshelf

architect with tools of the tradeWhen you sat down to write your book, did you do it with the intention of getting it published?

I think most people would answer yes to that question. The difficulty arose later, after they were all done writing.

They didn’t know what came next.

You might think, find a publisher, and you’d be right…partly.

Keep reading to discover what it takes to get your book from your head to the virtual bookshelf. [Read more…]

The Pros and Cons of Independent Publishing

independent publishing, doberman looking at a laptopIn today’s world of technology, independent publishing is easier than ever. Almost so easy, a dog could do it.

Let’s take a quick look at the basics involved.

First let’s define a few terms.

Traditional publishing: a publishing company contracts with you to publish your book. They pay all costs of production and pay you varying royalty rates that average around 10 percent.

Self publishing: you hire and pay upfront a company to create your book cover and interior book file. They generally also distribute the book to various platforms.

Independent publishing: you are “the company.” [Read more…]

How to Find a Publisher, Fiction or Nonfiction – 3 Beginning Steps

Book Proposal Accepted find a publisherIn the past couple weeks I’ve received questions from my subscribers about where and how to start to find a publisher for nonfiction.

The wonderful thing about nonfiction is that you can query publishers before you have your book completed. But aside from that, the process is the same as when you submit fiction.

Whether you are a nonfiction or fiction writer, keep reading. This post outlines 3 beginning steps to find a publisher. [Read more…]

What are today’s publishing options and which is best for me?

A lot of publishing options for getting your book baby out into the world exist in today’s market.

  • What are those options?
  • How does one learn about all the ins and outs?
  • How does one decide which option is best?

Finding the answers can be time-consuming, confusing, and paralyzing. To help you navigate these troublesome currents, I created [Read more…]

Publishing from Across the Pond with Debut Author Gail Gritts

I’m visiting with debut author Gail Gritts today. Her children’s book, Messy Hair Game, released this month. Gail’s situation is a bit different than most authors. She lives in England, serving in missionary work with her husband, and has published here in America.

With all that, she is gaining success in marketing her book in England.

Let’s dive in. [Read more…]

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