Put an End to “I’ll Never Write Like That”

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Write, write, write, and you’ll find your unique voice.

I’ve been reading a wonderful book written by Lynn Austin titled Hidden Places.

More than once as I’ve read the gentle, lilting prose of this story I’ve said to myself “I wish I could write like this.”

I bet you’ve found yourself saying the same thing as you’ve read books that gripped you with the power of those well written words.

But this morning the very moment after I thought those words, God answered back. [Read more…]

5 Magazine Markets for Animal Lovers

It’s Marketing Monday. If you own animals, you may find you have the expertise to write for one of these magazines. Analyze the magazine before you submit.

Happy submitting!

How to Analyze a Magazine

analyze a magazineSave yourself time and heartache over rejection. Analyze a magazine first, then submit to those that will be interested in your idea.

Here’s what to look for.

Front Page: design and headlines will help you determine the target audience.

The ads: Who are their advertisers? Read enough of the ads to get a feel for the target audience.

General topics: are the articles about [Read more…]

5 Markets Accepting Short Stories

If writing fiction is more your style rather than factual magazine articles, here are 5 markets that accept fiction short stories.

Happy submitting!

11 Kinds of Articles You Can Write

Listed below are 11 types of magazine articles you can consider writing. Each one has it own requirements and purposes.

The Devotional Article helps readers understand a biblical principle by applying a passage of Scripture to a life example. Devotionals are often short pieces of 300 words or less, but there are markets that accept longer readings.

The How-To Article is self-explanatory. This is a wide market as there are [Read more…]

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