Inside the writing life of Angela D. Meyer

I’m pleased to have author Angela D. Meyer with us today. Angela is the author of the Applewood Hill Series (CrossRiver Media), and lives in Nebraska with her husband of 25 years and their high school daughter. Their son serves our country in the military.

Angela enjoys hanging out with her family, reading, connecting with friends and encouraging women to grow in their faith. One of her dream spots to vacation is next to the ocean and someday she wants to ride in a hot air balloon.

Angela, have you always been a writer? If not, what was your previous occupation? How long have you been writing? [Read more…]

Are you crippling your creativity?

laptop/coffee cup helping your creativitySomething I noticed this year as I met with writers across the country at conferences were their frustrations with the writing process.

Over and over they expressed frustrations in different ways. They couldn’t quite put their fingers on the problem. And it took me a few minutes of listening to figure it out: They were trying to fit their creativity into the wrong method.

We all work in different ways, but somehow many writers have gotten the mistaken idea that [Read more…]

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