Writing Prompt Contest

Many writers are visual creators. In other words, they picture their scenes much like a movie, then write the text.

It’s okay if you don’t create that way—neither do I. But we must be observers of life and then be able to relate those observances to our audience.

To that end, I’m posting a picture today to serve as a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing on this Monday morning.

Post your opening sentence in the comments and the genre of book the line is intended for. On Friday (Sept. 22), I’ll draw 2 names at random to win a signed copy of Abba’s Promise.

elephants walking side by side

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  1. Stay in the lines, son, stay in the lines.

  2. Eliza popped her head over the open ceiling of the jeep, with one hand gripping tight to the metal roof and the other on her binoculars. Her eyes squinted and her mouth hung open. A bubble of excitement almost burst when she caught sight of the massive grey blocks swaying in the winding path ahead of them. “I see them!” She yelled down to Okzuta in the driver’s seat. Sweat cooled on her skin as she slipped back into her dusty seat. If they had lost the elephants trail, they would be in serious danger. Not only for the elephants life, but hers and her teams. Eliza swiped at the dirt caking to her skin. Word that a starving lioness was close to the herd, hungry for fresh meat made her gut coil. It was her job to keep these giant targets, safe. Or else. Signs they were still alive meant she was too.

  3. The elephants must have thought that either THEY were drunk or the human who designed this wavy course was..

  4. The elder elephant remembers the road well.The path before them makes for steady progress. The haze in the distance is makes no mind to the New World behemoths. They drudge on upon a preordained course each footfall sure of the ultimate destination, soon their perseverance shell be rewarded.

  5. Fantasy

    As dizzy as this jagged path was making me, I wondered if the trees in the distance were only my eyes playing tricks on me and that soon I’d tumble right off the edge of this bewildering world, a condition of which my plodding companions seemed oblivious.

  6. Peter Gagliardi says:

    The endless bounds of nature.

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