A Writing Prompt to Spur Your Creativity


We all know writing every day helps you improve as a writer. But maybe you aren’t working on any project in particular right now, so here’s a picture to prompt your creativity for today’s writing.

  • How can you apply this picture to a verse of Scripture for a devotional?
  • What opportunity or obstacle would this doorway present to a protagonist, to an antagonist in your next fiction book?
  • How could you use this doorway as a lead-in for a personal experience article?

Now set a timer for 15 minutes, put on some music if you like, and then sit down at your laptop or take up paper and pencil and just start writing. Don’t stop until that timer dings.

Whatever genre you write, let your imagination skip, leap, and frolic through this doorway.

When you’re done, share the first sentence or two (or three) of your blurb in the comments so we can give each other feedback. I’ll share my first line later on today.

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  1. The circular doorway in the stone wall lead to an enclosed garden where sunshine bathed the green shrubs. Emerald green and lime green leaves contrasted in playful patterns. Ten foot stone walls surrounded the small garden area. What if those thick wooden doors close behind me she thought. How would I get out of this scary place?

  2. Here’s my beginning.
    Sally approached the doorway with trepidation. It appeared innocuous enough, yet it exuded an aura that begged her to enter. Masons had built the doorway into a stone wall, the entryway round, appearing for all its worth like a portal to another world.

    What do you like and dislike about this? If you were an acquisitions editor would you continue to read? Why or why not?

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