Marketing, Keywords, and Publisher Rocket, Oh My!

digital marketing, using keywordsMarketing is a task many writers struggle with, including me. However, without it, our books don’t get much notice.

There are plenty of platforms where we can use either paid or free advertising. So far, I’ve only used one paid platform and that’s Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

One thing I’ve learned about marketing is the importance of keywords and keyword phrases.

What Is a Keyword?

A Google search provided this definition: [Read more…]

Marketing Your Book to Local and Regional Businesses

Last summer I interviewed children’s book author Melody Schaefer here on the blog. She was in the process of preparing for the 2017 total solar eclipse that was to occur, and St. Joseph was a major city for viewing. Using her Penny the Parakeet children’s book series, Melody created a book specifically for and about the eclipse.

Today’s post is a follow up to what she did and the level of success in her endeavors. I hope you can glean ideas for your own books and regional/national events that can tie into your topics. [Read more…]

Mind-Map Marketing – Guest Post by Jean Wise

Guest post by Jean Wise

I love the freedom and creativity of brainstorming. I get excited with new ideas and energized with the positive spirit of possibilities. Most writers enjoy playing with words and crafting delightful sentences.

I collect ideas all the time, but these notions gathered on my desk in a mass pile of sticky notes and scraps of paper. My good intentions and great story concepts often didn’t get organized, developed, and implemented.

Then I discovered mind mapping. [Read more…]

Karyn Almendarez – Reaching Amazon Best Seller Status

Best selling author Karyn AlmendarezI’m trying something new today: a recorded interview with Amazon best seller Karyn Almendarez. We’ll be talking about her book, Tragedy’s Treasures: A Mom’s Journey Through Grief and what Karyn did to reach the Amazon #1 best seller spot for her book.

You can view the video or read the post that follows. The post is not a verbatim transcript, but the highlights of our interview.

Karyn Almendarez is a second-grade teacher, writer, and blogger. She lives in Colorado with her husband, Albert. When she is not teaching or writing, [Read more…]

So You Want to Make the Bestseller List, But Do You Know What It Takes?

New York Times Bestseller List

Lately, I’ve been reading Tim Grahl’s Book Launch Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Bestseller. Making a bestseller list woos authors like the cry of the mythical Siren. It carries status and puts oomph behind the sales of future books.

But do you have a true understanding of what it takes to make those lists?

Bestselling author Tim Ferriss explains in “How Bestseller Lists Work…and Introducing the Amazon Monthly 100” that the NYT has “20 weekly and 3 monthly lists.”

Wow! There’s also the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Washington Post. That’s a lot of opportunities to make a bestseller list. And let’s not forget Amazon.

If making bestseller status is your goal, then it’s important to know the criteria used to make the determination. Otherwise how can you [Read more…]

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