Customizing the Scrivener Toolbar

Making Scrivener work for you—rather than the other way around—can start with customizing your toolbars. Scrivener offers a lot of tools to make things easy. As you discover them, you’ll want the ones you use most, on your toolbar for easy access.

Customizing the Scrivener Toolbar


Last time we were talking about snapshots and I promised to tell you how to add that icon to your toolbar. So let’s get started.

You can watch the video or read the text below to learn the specific steps to customizing.

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Customizing the Toolbars

Go to Tools → Customize Toolbars

Next you’ll see either this window:

customizing the format toolbar

The Format Toolbar Window

Or this window (without the red arrows, of course):

customizing the main toolbar

The Main Toolbar Window

Let’s look at the formatting tools.

These tools are similar to those in a word processor that allow you to format your text. Bold, italics, font family, font size, etc.

Now let’s look at the main tools, those specific to the Scrivener program.

In the picture above, you’ll see on the right the Current Toolbar Actions. What you see in the picture are the tools currently on my toolbar. Over on the left are all the tools available.

To add Snapshots

  1. Scroll through and find either Take Snapshot or Take Snapshot with Title. If you don’t care about titles, select Take Snapshot. (Hint: you can always add a title later if you want.)

  2. Select the tool you want.

  3. Go to the right-facing arrow and click. Your tool appears in the right-hand box.

  4. It may not be placed where you want it. Use the Up or Down arrow to position it.

  5. Click apply. You’ll see that icon appear on your toolbar.

  6. Click OK to close out the window.

If you want to add more than one item, add the ones you want and then click apply (or just OK) only once.

Removing Items

To remove an item(s) from your toolbar, go through the same process, only this time click the left-facing arrow.

That is how to customize your toolbar.

Would you be interested in a tutorial webinar on Scrivener? Let me know what you’d like to learn in the comments below.

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