Managing Our Many Roles: A Day in the Life of Deb

managing our job roles and our timeNothing about 2019 has been normal for me. That’s partly because I didn’t spend time reviewing my year and setting new goals as I normally would have. I was getting a book ready to launch, and I dedicated what available hours I had to that.

We all have 24 hours in a day, and we control how we spend them. Yes, control of those 24 hours lies in your hands!

You might be tempted to think I have greater control over my time because [Read more…]

How Vision Boards Can Help You Reach Your Goals

vision boardIn January, guest Kim Steadman shared “Vision Boards And Why You Need at Least One In Your Life.” It took me 3 months, but I finally created mine, pictured above. I mounted it on the wall to the right of my desk, where I can easily see it all day long.

As Kim stated, “Vision boards give you the chance to give an image to your dreams and goals.” Proverbs 23:7 puts it this way: “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”

What we think about, we act on—whether for good or bad. [Read more…]

Three Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Website Builder

Website development guru Marta Goertzen and her dog, Bailey.Today’s post is a follow-up to Marta Goertzen’s guest post from last month, “Three Key Questions To Ask Before Building Your Website.”

Three Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Website Builder

Type the questions “what website builder is the best,” and you will find a list of articles and sponsored ads all claiming they know the best one. Read all of those articles, and each one will come to a different conclusion. The truth is, no one correct answer fits each and every situation.

To help you decide which website builder to use there are three questions you should ask. Before getting into these questions let’s take a look at a few of the top options available. [Read more…]

Writing More Than Books

Hand-written text stating "I am a writer." Writing more than books.Earning a living income from writing only books takes time—you need more than one book to contribute to your royalty payments. And, let’s admit this, you have to sell a lot of books.

But you can earn a living writing more than books. Finding your niche might take time, but if you know your skills, it’s easier to hone in on the right markets. [Read more…]

How to Plan for the Many Jobs of a Writer

Unshakable Faith book cover, plan your projectMy newest book, Unshakable Faith: Living Strong in the Kingdom of God, launches on kindle tomorrow. It’s a Bible study that was essentially decades in the process—probably true for a lot of writers. Decades of walking with God, one year of studying and growing in the principles discussed, and one year of actual writing.

But even though it’s launching, I have struggled to put together a marketing plan.

I’ve been sidetracked with writing, getting the book formatted, proofreading, and creating bonus material for the launch. And in between all that, working to earn a living.

There’s no getting around it; writers wear a lot of hats, especially those who independently publish.

Even if you aren’t the one [Read more…]

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