What Books Have Impacted Your Life?

My 8 recommended books on writingMost writers are also avid readers. It’s a part of how we learn the craft of writing. For me it’s also a part of how I enjoy life.

Right now I’ve got 6 books going, 4 nonfiction, and 2 fiction. The fiction are strictly for entertainment. The nonfiction for my own education—for my business and personally. The books in the picture above are among the many I recommend to writers.

Most of the time, I discover new books because someone else told me about them—the best advertising there is!

Today, I’m turning the blog over to you, dear readers. Post in the comments one or two books you recommend and why.

The 4 Most Important Elements in Fiction Writing

Space Shuttle launch. Essential elements of fiction writing.

All great fiction writing has more than 4 important elements; however, in my opinion, there are 4 that are the driving force behind your story.

Any avid reader can quickly identify when a book is going to be great or not. They may not be able to tell you the elements that are or aren’t there, but they’ve learned to recognize what a story needs for it to be a page turner.

Today’s post looks at those 4 foundational building blocks of fiction writing. [Read more…]

Writing affirmations that help you reach your goals

2018 goals affirmationsWriting goals is easy. Achieving them isn’t.

By now I expect many who made resolutions in January have already faltered in keeping them or have completely forgotten them.

Personally, because I am employing the new principles I talked about last month, I am experiencing some push back from my brain. Mostly thoughts like “How am I going to do that?” and “That’s unrealistic, maybe you should pull back a little.”

I spent some time rereading portions of Making Your Mind Magnificent so I could understand and counter the negativity. The brain doesn’t like change.

This month I want to dive further into principle #10: Your brain locks onto the strongest picture. [Read more…]

Marketing Your Book to Local and Regional Businesses

Last summer I interviewed children’s book author Melody Schaefer here on the blog. She was in the process of preparing for the 2017 total solar eclipse that was to occur, and St. Joseph was a major city for viewing. Using her Penny the Parakeet children’s book series, Melody created a book specifically for and about the eclipse.

Today’s post is a follow up to what she did and the level of success in her endeavors. I hope you can glean ideas for your own books and regional/national events that can tie into your topics. [Read more…]

The Accidental Podcaster – How to Start a Podcast

Today’s post about podcasting is by Vickie Petz Henderson.

Podcast Vicki Petz HendersonAfter delivering 5,000 babies, Dr. Vickie Petz Henderson woke up on the other side of the sheets. Her disabling turned her life right side up and enabled her to pursue her heart’s desires. She encourages women to look beyond their circumstances and find God’s blessings through speaking, writing, and podcasting.

You can find her here:
Her website


I’m a doctor, not a podcaster. I know far more about delivering babies than producing a show, yet I call myself experienced; that is if you listen to Oscar Wilde’s notion, “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”

How I accidentally became a podcast host…

[Read more…]

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