5 Magazines Accepting Submissions from Kids

submissions from kids

Encourage your children’s creativity.

Writing isn’t just for adults.

To encourage your children in their writing and creative endeavors, here are 5 magazines that accept submissions from kids. Some accept both writing and art.

As always, spend time getting to know the magazine and then read and follow the guidelines thoroughly. Please be aware several of these magazines require submission via the postal system rather than online.

Highlights for Children https://www.highlightskids.com/send-us-your-creative-work

Creative Kids accepts submissions from kids ages 8-16. http://www.ckmagazine.org/submissions/

Amazing Kids Magazine accepts submissions from kids age 5-18. http://mag.amazing-kids.org/get-involved/write-for-us/

Canvas is seeking writers ages 13-18, http://canvasliteraryjournal.com/submit/ They also accept art submissions http://canvasliteraryjournal.com/submit-your-art/

Stone Soup is a magazine of writing and art by kids ages 13 and younger. http://www.stonesoup.com/stone-soup-contributor-guideline/

You may also want to check out your local newspapers to see if they have kids sections you can submit to.

Make Your Submission a Homeschool Project

This makes a great project for homeschoolers. Many of these magazines can be found at the library, where your children can read and study the magazine’s articles, activities, and style. Then they can craft their story (or art) and submit.

Do you know anyone who homeschools? Be sure to share this post with them.

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The Top 3 Mistakes Writers Make When Submitting

rejected book proposalDo you dream of getting published? What writer doesn’t?

But in their excitement and exuberance of completing a manuscript writers often make these 3 crippling mistakes when submitting their manuscripts to publishers.

The No. 1 Mistake

They don’t include a book proposal.

The book proposal is the most important tool in the publishing industry where acquisition is concerned. So important, in fact, that whole books have been written on how to do it and do it well.

This information varies from publisher to publisher. Read the submission guidelines to know what that particular publisher wants in a proposal.

At the very least your proposal should include:

  • Your contact info, bio, and credits
  • Book basics such as book title, genre, target audience, word count
  • Synopsis of book
  • Market analysis of competition
  • Proposed marketing plan and your platform
  • Sample chapters

Having no book proposal can mean the difference between being read and not being read.

2 More Crippling Mistakes

Not including a proper cover letter.
In this day of electronic communication, the email serves as the cover letter. Editors’ inboxes are stuffed and their file of proposals to review are overflowing.

Don’t just say “Dear Editor, attached is my book proposal for your consideration.”

Hook the editor with information about your book and pertinent facts about yourself. Make them want to open up that proposal and find out more.

Not including contact info on their proposal/manuscript.
The age of digital communication may be responsible for this mistake—the editor has my email.

Well, guess what?

I don’t want to save your email. (Have I said before editors’ inboxes are stuffed?) I save your proposal assuming that all the contact info I’ll need is included.

Contact info on your manuscript is even more vital when you are submitting a story for an anthology because you won’t be submitting a proposal, only your story.

Think of your manuscript submission like you would a job interview. (Tweet this)

Your proposal is the equivalent of your résumé. Learn how to write a strong one that gives an editor the information he/she needs.

Present yourself as a professional, and an editor won’t know whether you are submitting a proposal for the very first time or your hundredth.Book proposal accepted

Let’s Celebrate!

July 4Join with me in saying CONGRATULATIONS to these writers:

Charlene Harris:

  • *North To Absolution* is to be published this year.
  • *Sam’s Song,* a narrative nonfiction, once completed, already has a publisher wanting first bid on the book.
  • *Anju* has been picked up by Barbarian Books and should be in e-book format sometime this year.
  • *Misfire* will be accepted by Barbarian Books as soon as I complete it. They have given me two weeks, so I’m working like a maniac.
  • I’ve had a talent agent in London talking to me about my work, and she is deciding now which genre they wish to review first.
  • I have a new website you can find at www.charleesan.simplesite.com where you can read “About Me” and see a list of my projects.

Marie Wells Coutu:

  • *Thirsting for More* (bit.ly/TfMmwc), the second book in the Mended Vessels series, released in April. Published by Write Integrity Press, novels in the series are loosely based on biblical women and reveal how God takes broken lives and restores them to usefulness. The stories of Queen Esther and the Samaritan woman at the well—each one re-imagined in contemporary settings—demonstrate how the principles of God’s love apply today. Each is a stand-alone story but the books are connected by their themes of restoration, forgiveness, and hope through stories of women who find significance in spite of their pasts.
  • The first book,* For Such a Moment* (bit.ly/FSaMmwc), won the Books of Hope Contest. The e-book is available on Kindle for $.99 through the end of April.

Charlene and Marie, congratulations on these successes. God’s best as you continue your work of writing and promoting your books.

5 Publishers Accepting Submissions

Here is today’s marketing news: 5 publishers who are currently accepting submissions. Review their website, their catalog, and their submissions guidelines thoroughly before submitting.

Facts on File, an imprint of Infobase Publishing, is an award-winning publisher of print, eBooks, and online reference materials for the school and library market. Infobase Publishing has several imprints, so be sure to read this About Us page. Guidelines: http://www.infobasepublishing.com/ContactUS.aspx?Page=AuthorSubmission

Fathers Press, has a very specific focus on the materials that it publishes, read guidelines closely. http://fatherspress.com/?page_id=2380
Contact Mike Smitley at www.fatherspress.com before submitting any manuscripts, queries, or E-Book materials, or call (816) 987-0045. E-mail: mike@fatherspress.com

**Fortress Press*, is actively seeking proposals for scholarly works in biblical studies, theology, and Christian history. http://store.fortresspress.com/store/acquisitions

innovativeKids, submissions should be suitable for children from birth to 12.

JourneyForth, an imprint of BJU Press, books for children, accepts fiction and nonfiction with a conservative Christian worldview. They do not publish short stories, personal narratives, fiction for adults, devotional books, gift books, or poetry http://www.bjupress.com/books/freelance.php

Indie Publishing: Author Rachel Skatvold’s Perspective

Author Rachel Skatvold

Author Rachel Skatvold

Today’s Friday Feature Author Interview is with Rachel Skatvold, author of the Riley Family Legacy novella series. Thank you, Rachel for allowing me to interview you and sharing your experiences with my readers.

What made you decide on novella length for your series? [Read more…]

Tell me your publishing news!

The excitement of having your story or book get accepted for publication never gets old. Whether it’s your first or your 100th, it’s always exciting and you want to share your news.

When I got news of my first acceptance, I had recently moved to a new town. I didn’t know any local writers. I barely knew anybody, but I was bursting with excitement and had to share with someone.

I told a new acquaintance at church. Her ho-hum response not only burst my balloon, but sucked the thrill right out of me. I realized then only fellow writers can truly identify with the thrill of acceptance and the sense of accomplishment an acceptance brings.

Have you had a magazine article accepted or published? Have you signed with an agent or publishing house?

Email me at Deb [at] DebraLButterfield [dot] com with your publishing related news and next Friday I’ll post your news so we can celebrate with you.

In your email, include your name, the name of your article/book, and where it has been accepted/published. If you’ve signed with an agent, include that agent’s name and agency, and the name of your book he/she is representing.

Put PUBLISHING NEWS in the subject line so I can distinguish it from all the junk mail that comes my way.

Discover How Point of View Impacts Your Story

How much thought do you give to point of view (POV) as you begin a new story?

The best POV for your story is not always the protagonist or even the antagonist. Consider how different the book To Kill a Mockingbird would have been if told from Atticus’ POV. Or Gone with the Wind from Ashley’s POV.

To help you experiment, here’s a writing exercise. [Read more…]

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