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Thank you, from Buttercup and meThank you to all my readers! I pray you will be enjoying family and friends as you gather together around a table laden with the delights of this season of Thanksgiving.

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6 Steps to Story Development

spinning platesWhen you get right down to it the major goal of the fiction writer is to keep the reader reading.

And like the performer who spins plates at the top of a stick, writers must spin several plates too—characters and character arc, plot and plot development, conflict, dialog, show vs. tell, and pacing. If we focus on only one aspect of story development and neglect the others, the story falls flat.

But that’s a lot to deal with. I certainly can’t get my brain wrapped around all those things at the same time as I write.

So what’s the answer?

Focus on one at a time, using these 6 steps. [Read more…]

Imperfect Wings and Elizabeth Noyes

I have a delightful interview in store for you today with author Elizabeth Noyes. Bookmark this page because you’re going to want to come back to her advice at all stages of your writing journey.

Author Elizabeth Noyes

Author Elizabeth Noyes

Imperfect Wings, published by Write Integrity Press and released August 1, 2014, is Elizabeth’s first full novel. She is a contributing writer to the book A Dozen Apologies, a collaborative novel with 11 other writers.

At what point in writing your book did you begin to look for publishers? [Read more…]

5 Steps to Capture and Keep the Editor’s Interest

I’m blogging over at the Palmetto Christian Writers Network today. Come join me for 5 Steps to Capture and Keep the Editor’s Interest.

Guidelines for Magazines Accepting Submissions

Congratulations to Charlee, who is the winner of Plot & Structure.

Here are today’s markets accepting submissions. As always, read and follow the guidelines carefully after analyzing the magazine.

Bear Deluxe, an environmental arts magazine

Earth Island Journal, quarterly magazine covering the environment/ecology,

Pacific Yachting, monthly magazine covering all aspects of recreational boating in the Pacific Northwest (Canadian based),

WoodenBoat, a bi-monthly magazine for wooden boat owners, builders, and designers.

Trail Runner, for off-road running enthusiasts,

Inclusion here does not constitute endorsement of magazine.

What do football and fiction have in common?

football field

What do football and fiction have in common?

The first thing we as writers must accomplish with our story is to hook our reader. But if we merely hook them, the reader can get away. So we must also then compel them to read on to the middle and then right through to the end of our story.

We spur our reader to the middle of our story by creating a compelling lead character with whom our readers bond. Next, [Read more…]

Writer’s Guidelines for 5 Christian Publications

Here are today’s markets. Read the writer’s guidelines thoroughly and study at least one sample issue before submitting.

Prism Magazine, a publication of Evangelicals for Social Action,

The Lookout is designed to provide Christian adults with true-to-the-Bible teaching about current topics to help them mature as believers and live in the world as faithful witnesses of Christ.

RELEVANT covers faith, culture and intentional living. Their readership is culturally savvy, mainly Christian twenty- and thirtysomethings who are looking for purpose, depth and spiritual truth.

Light & Life Magazine,

Faith Today, a Canadian publication,

Listing here does not constitute endorsement of magazine.


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