Is a Literary Agent the Pot of Gold for Writers?


Rainbow Literary Agent

In the words of author RJ Thesman, finding a literary agent is “harder than finding the perfect purse.”

Be that as it may, many authors seek an agent and for good reason.

Agents [Read more...]

8 Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

Looking for a Literary Agent?You want to sell your manuscript, right?

But the time and energy required for your publisher search can be exhausting. And you’d really rather spend that time and energy toward your next writing project. 

What’s even more frustrating is [Read more...]

The Making of a Book Series: an Interview with Author RJ Thesman

I’m delighted to have RJ Thesman with me today for this month’s Friday Feature author interview. RJ’s publishing credits include 500+ articles, four books, and 13 anthologies. And like me, she’s a writing coach. Grab your brew of choice and sit back for a great read. RJ imparts some terrific tips for writers to add to their publishing toolbox. [Read more...]

Going Crazy with How to Grab Your Reader’s Attention?

warning sign

You are a writer.

You’re working to

  • Sell your articles or book manuscript
  • Build a blog following (if you’re a blogger), and
  • Build your platform.

That means you spend a portion of your time [Read more...]

Struggling to find the best markets for your writing?


You have a great idea for an article, and now you need to find a magazine that will buy it. But how do you do that?

You could visit your local grocery store and peruse the magazine rack.

Or visit the library and see what magazines are available there.

That’s how I did it when I first started freelancing in 2006. But I was not only attacking this task the hard way, [Read more...]

How to Ensure Your Characters and Plot Don’t Flat Line

Heart beat flat lining.Is it possible to sell a story that is high on action and adventure, but has flat characters?  Yes, though it isn’t easy.

What about a story that is flat on plot, but rich with three-dimensional characters? If your plot is flat, your reader (and that agent or publisher) has no reason to turn the pages. (Look out trash can.)

Your story stands a much better chance of being published if both the plot and characters are well developed. (Tweet this.)

I’m a writer whose strength is in [Read more...]

Friday Feature: A Dozen Apologies

A Dozen Apologies book coverToday’s interview involves a variety of writers, each involved in creating one book, A Dozen Apologies, the creative work of Write Integrity Press.

Write Integrity has published several novella collaborations. I read my first of these novellas, A Ruby Christmas, late last year.  Like many readers, I skipped the table of contents and went straight to chapter 1. Later I discovered the book was the collaborative work of 9 writers.

The voice carried through very well and editor extraordinaire Tracy Ruckman of Write Integrity Press accomplished that. A Ruby Christmas was author J.A. Marx’ project. She understood her character very well, and got that across to each of the project authors.

Fay Lamb birthed the idea that became A Dozen Apologies with 12 authors writing one chapter each. Fay, how did you progress from idea to finished manuscript? [Read more...]

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