Pantser, Plotter, Producer—Which One Are You?

writing sprints word countsLast week I excitedly told you about Chris Fox’s book 5000 Words per Hour, and how I had added 914 words to my fiction WIP through 7 five-minute micro-sprints.

This week I wanted to bring you an update.

I upped my writing sprints to 10 minutes, and added another 1675 words.

One thing I found as I did my sprints is that if I only have a vague idea of what’s going to happen, I don’t know what to write. And my words per hour (wph) [Read more…]

Challenge your writing routine and discover new methods

challenge, rafting the river rapids


Does that word strike fear and trembling into you or get you pumped?

Perhaps it’s my Marine Corps training or just part of my DNA, but I love learning. And I challenge myself to continually improve professionally and personally.

A few weeks ago I was listening to the Novel Marketing Podcast episode “How to Write 5000 Words an Hour with Chris Fox.”

Five thousand words an hour! Yeah, right, I thought. But I listened anyway. Something productive while I was washing dishes.

What’s This Challenge All About?

[Read more…]

As an author, what expenses can I deduct?

word cloud tax deductionsAs an author/business owner what deductions can I take on my taxes?

In the coming months, I’ll be going through my all my paperwork, ensuring I have listed all my income and all my expenses, ready to submit to my certified public accountant (CPA).

If you’re like me, you cringe at all this number-crunching stuff and whether you’re doing it right for the IRS.

An accountant friend, as well as my own CPA, advised I use the IRS Schedule C (Form 1040) to guide how I track my business revenue and expenses. It is the same advice I’m giving you, along with some added details.* [Read more…]

Reaching for Your Dream – It’s Never too Late

Editor Debra L. Butterfield

Debra teaching at a writers conference.

You never know how someone else might use you as an example.

I want to relate a quick story that I hope encourages you in your journey.

My daughter lives in another state, but she calls on a regular basis to visit. Earlier this year she called to tell me how she had shared my story with a man who wants to be an author. This man was struggling with believing his dream of published writer was possible. My daughter shared [Read more…]

How to Use Sentence Structure to Make Your Story Better

little man building brick wallThough I’ve never asked, I can’t imagine anyone considering sentence structure in their every day conversation. They just say what they want to say.

However, writers (and public speakers) must consider sentence structure because poor structure impacts the readers’ ability to comprehend the message, as well as their enjoyment of your story.

Defined, “sentence structure” is how you construct your sentence. Proper grammar is a part of that, but also includes length and complexity.

Keep reading to learn how your word choices and sentence length and complexity affect your story. [Read more…]

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