Is it your dream to get published?

You’ve written a book, and you’ve queried the agents and publishers.

But do your queries meet with rejection after rejection? Or worse, you don’t hear back at all.

When that happened to me I wondered:

  • Was my query poorly written?
  • Is my story boring?
  • Is my writing lousy?

So I revised my story and submitted again to new markets.

Have you found yourself in this same situation? Revising and submitting, but still getting rejection letters in your inbox? At best, it’s frustrating. At its worst, you consider giving up.

If you don’t know why your writing gets rejected, you don’t know where to focus your efforts for improvement.

I can help, with one-on-one coaching. We’ll start with a phone call (or email) to discuss your goals and make sure we are a good fit for each other—that’s as important in finding the right editor as it is in finding a doctor.

After we begin, I’ll spend time reading your work and marking your manuscript with comments and edits. You’ll receive feedback on your manuscript via email and each week we’ll meet for a 1-hour coaching session to discuss that week’s work.

I’m passionate about helping other writers in their journey to publication because for over 15 years, fear and doubt about my abilities kept me from even trying to be a writer. I don’t want that to happen to others.

In addition to one-on-one coaching, I offer

  • editing (with a focus on developmental editing), I don’t just edit, I teach along the way
  • proofreading, and
  • manuscript critiques.

I began freelance writing in 2006. Prior to that I worked for Focus on the Family as a copywriter and account manager for their in-house ad agency.

A few of my freelance clients have included CrossRiver Media Group (both as editor and proofreader), Angus Journal, Cathrine Ulrich Brakefield (author), and Dr. Joseph Friedman (author).

In addition to my freelance work, in June 2014 I became an editor for CrossRiver Media. Head on over there to view our submission guidelines and learn more about CrossRiver Media.

Freelance Editorial Credits:

  • That’s My God, by Cindi Lombardo, November 2016, IBG Publishing
  • Wilted Dandelions, by Catherine Ulrich Brakefield, CrossRiver Media, May 2015,  Awarded Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year 2016, Honorable Mention Eric Hoffer Book Award 2016
  • Seeking Sophie, by Melody Balthaser, CrossRiver Media, September 2014, editor
  • Yossel the Dreamer, by Dr. Joseph Friedman, September 2013, co-editor
  • Where Hope Starts, by Angela D. Meyer, CrossRiver Media, September 2013
  • This I Know, by Toby Holsinger, CrossRiver Media, October 2013, editor. Awarded Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year 2014. 
  • Editor and publisher of Glory and Strength, a webzine that ministered to those in crisis or healing from crisis (Mar 2009-Jan 2013).
  • Lifecapades: Revelations of GenerationsBooklocker, 2010, co-editor

Publication Credits:


My articles:

I am the mother of three adult children (each born in a different decade and different state) and two grandchildren. I am a Marine Corps veteran, widely traveled, and lived in Europe for four years. All my life experiences help me to be a better coach and editor so I can help you make your book the best it can be. 

I am a graduate of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild Apprentice program and CLASSeminar.

To learn more about how I can help you reach your dream of publication, visit my Prices page, which includes a contact form.