A New Perspective on the Cost of Freelance Editors

a pile of $50 bills, editing costs“I can’t afford to hire a professional editor,” you say.

But you can’t afford not to hire one. The quality—or lack thereof—of your story directly impacts your ability to land a traditional publishing contract. If you publish indie, it impacts your sales. And who doesn’t want lots of sales?

I don’t say this just because I’m an editor. Even I send my own work to a writer friend to edit. That’s because it’s hard for us see what’s the mistakes in our own writing.

That’s why I encourage you to hire an editor.

We all know professional editing costs can add up, but I often get the impression that writers expect it to start at $5000 and go up from there. Even $1000 is a lot when that same amount pays the mortgage for a month or two.

Let’s take a look at the industry standard fees given in Writer’s Market 2017. [Read more…]

So You Want to Make the Bestseller List, But Do You Know What It Takes?

New York Times Bestseller List

Lately, I’ve been reading Tim Grahl’s Book Launch Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Bestseller. Making a bestseller list woos authors like the cry of the mythical Siren. It carries status and puts oomph behind the sales of future books.

But do you have a true understanding of what it takes to make those lists?

Bestselling author Tim Ferriss explains in “How Bestseller Lists Work…and Introducing the Amazon Monthly 100” that the NYT has “20 weekly and 3 monthly lists.”

Wow! There’s also the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Washington Post. That’s a lot of opportunities to make a bestseller list. And let’s not forget Amazon.

If making bestseller status is your goal, then it’s important to know the criteria used to make the determination. Otherwise how can you [Read more…]

Moving from Journalism to Novels: How One Author Did It

author Marie Wells CoutuToday, I welcome back author Marie Wells Coutu. My first interview with Marie was shortly after her debut novel, For Such a Time, which won the Books of Hope contest. Thirsting for More, the second book in her Mended Vessels series was a finalist in the 2016 Selah Awards Contest and a semi-finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Awards sponsored by Florida Writers Association. You can find more about Marie and her novels on her Facebook page, at her website (MarieWellsCoutu.com), or follow her on Twitter (@mwcoutu). Now, Write Integrity Press is releasing Marie’s third book in her Mended Vessels series.

According to your bio, you wrote your first book I Came from Venus when you were in the 8th grade. Did it get published? [Read more…]

Should I Use Italics or Quotation Marks? A Style Guide to Formatting Titles

Chicago Manual of Style book cover
When I went to high school, teachers taught us to underline book titles. With the advent of all things digital, that changed. In fact a lot got changed.

What I’m talking about is the stylized treatment of text.

In the world of publishing, there are two style books that pull most of the weight. In the book world, The Chicago Manual of Style is the primary style guide (first published in 1906!). This book contains over 1000 pages and instructs how to [Read more…]

Don’t Make These Mistakes in Doing Research

Today’s my birthday, so I decided to take the day off and have my friend Donna Wittlif guest post. I first met Donna through an online group I belong to and then had the opportunity to edit one of her books—fascinating sci-fi.

She is a retired special education and English teacher who loves writing. Her World Eternal series are science fiction/religious stories for young adults and adults.

Mistakes in Doing Research

When writers are working on a book, [Read more…]

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