How to Use Snapshot in Scrivener

Using Scrivener Snapshots

In my pre-Scrivener days of writing, I used MS Word. It got the job done, but when it was time to revise I got paranoid.

  • What if I didn’t like all the changes I had just made?
  • What if I liked most of them, but not all?
  • What if deleted an entire scene, then two days later realize I needed that scene after all?

So I learned work arounds… [Read more…]

4 Life Principles I Learned as a US Marine

blog image titleI’m celebrating a birthday today—the 240th birthday of the US Marine Corps. Yes, the Marine Corps really is one year older than the United States. Today is also an anniversary of sorts for me. On Nov. 10, 1977, I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps.

I never realized how much I learned about life by being a Marine until one day when [Read more…]

Author RJ Thesman on Getting Published

Are you a fan of book series? What avid reader isn’t.

Author RJ ThesmanToday’s guest RJ Thesman is author of the Life at Cove Creek series. Her book Final Grace for Reverend G released today and is the third and final installment of the series about Reverend G and her battle with Alzheimer’s.

And because it’s launch day, RJ is offering a free copy of Final Grace for Reverend G to one winner. See below for contest details.

RJ Thesman writes as a daughter whose mother is disappearing into the shadows of Alzheimer’s disease. Her hope is that [Read more…]

When Effect Comes Before Cause

two men fightingWhile reading a book, have you ever found yourself saying There’s something wrong with that sentence, but I can’t quite figure out what?

Do you stop to figure out what’s wrong or just keep reading? I’m guilty of doing both, depending on the circumstances of the moment. Of course, if I’m editing a manuscript, I stop to figure it out.

Today, let’s take a look at what might be the problem. [Read more…]

6 Tasks to Accomplish with Act 1 of Your Novel – Part 4

You want to write a best seller. What writer doesn’t?

First you’ve got to come up with a good story idea. Then you’ve got to get that idea from Point A to Point Z and figure out everything in between. (That’s my hardest struggle — plotting.)

You’ve got to hook your reader —  and keep them reading.

Or your chance at that best seller list gets fried like a fly on bug zapper.

The truth is debut novels usually don’t make the best seller lists, but that’s no reason not to put your best effort into every book you write.

If you’ve been following this series, you’ve learned ways to write a stronger story and thus increase your chances at getting published and selling lots of books.

Here’s what I’ve discussed so far in 6 tasks to accomplish in Act 1: [Read more…]

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