Do I need to master grammar to be a better writer?

shattered glass from a car wreckThere are hundreds, probably thousands, of books on the market that deal with the craft of writing—learning plot, character development, story arc, and such. But sadly missing from the list is grammar.

I know it’s a school subject many people hated. Do they still make kids learn how to diagram a sentence? Maybe diagramming a sentence is what turned us off.

But lately I’ve been stuck on grammar. So much so that I’m rereading one of my college text books. As an editor I need to know the rules, otherwise how [Read more…]

7 Ways to Overcome Trouble with Grammar

grammar errors in a manuscriptComma, semicolon or colon, which one should I use?

Have I mixed past and present tense verbs in my story?

Do my subjects and verbs agree?

Do I have misplaced modifiers?

Aaahhh. English grammar can be infuriating and confusing. But a manuscript riddled with incorrect grammar is a sure-fire trip to File 13. What do you do to fix it? [Read more…]

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