Overwhelmed with Marketing Plans and Strategy?

Marketing. It’s a task many writers dislike for various reasons. It can be a daunting task added to a busy schedule leaving us feeling overwhelmed.

I understand quite well, how busy our lives can keep us and how overwhelmed writers can feel. I’ve just returned from my last writer conference for this year and [Read more…]

6 Lessons I Learned about Marketing Strategy from Playing Board Games

When it comes to marketing strategy, I’m a babe barely out of the cradle. What I know today I’ve learned by reading articles and by the mistakes I’ve made marketing my own books.

I wish I could tell you my efforts to market Carried by Grace have been a wild success—they haven’t. What I can tell you is I’ve done everything wrong.

Monopoly boardThankfully, I can start over.

The majority of writers I talk to tell me they dislike marketing. As an introvert, I haven’t particularly enjoyed it either.

Writers want to write. I get that. But the fact is, today’s writers must be engaged in marketing.

If you intend to make any money selling your book, you have to spend time marketing. So, the Marine in me is going to tell you to suck it up and deal with it. Your bad attitude only makes the time you do spend marketing that much more miserable.

I’m still learning the world of marketing strategy, but I’ve finally begun to get a better grasp on it. Today, I’d like to share my latest insights that I hope will not only make my tasks of marketing easier, but yours too. [Read more…]

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