Don’t let intimidating tasks force you to procrastinate.

When a task intimidates you, are you inclined to procrastinate doing it?

I admit, I do.

Usually it’s fear that stops me from taking action. Fear of the technology or the complexity of the task and so I procrastinate (for days, months, and yes, even years).

Invariably when I finally get to a point of [Read more…]

Give Yourself Permission to Step Away from the Keyboard

keyboardThis morning after dealing with a bit of email in the comfort of my favorite outdoor office, I went indoors to my regular office. Then it hit me, an “aha moment” so obvious and simple you may find it silly. But here it is: It’s okay to spend time away from my keyboard doing tasks that aren’t related to writing.

You see, my brain has been telling me I have to be at my keyboard from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 6 days a week editing, proofing, writing, monitoring social media, blogging, etc. with only a break for lunch and dinner. I had to leave the mundane, tedious chores like filing (yes, I still deal with real paper) and balancing the bank account to be accomplished on Sunday after church.

Instead, those tedious tasks continually got put off. They grew and grew and became more monstrous with each passing day. Oh, what a drain on my creative energy!

Maybe you don’t have this problem—say hallelujah and take a deep sigh of relief. But sometimes our brain just takes us places that aren’t logical or healthy. And when your freelance business is the sole source for paying the bills, a person can feel driven to work 24/7.

If you find your creative juices drying up, step away from the keyboard and examine why. Like me, have you forced yourself into work habits that aren’t working for you? Is a task you’ve been procrastinating dragging you down? Sometimes stepping away from the keyboard is what your subconscious needs in order to give you the next plot twist for your story.

Evaluate the demands on your life and allot time for each in your week. Create balance in your life and you’ll find your creativity soaring. (tweet this)Debra having fun at the park.

And remember, give yourself permission to step away from the keyboard.

Debra L. Butterfield © 2013

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