Nurture Your Heart

Nurture Your HeartAs I write this, I’m sitting in my son’s living room, located in beautiful Colorado Springs. This past weekend, I attended PenCon, a conference for editors. Yes, editors need conferences just like writers.

I can’t say enough good things about this conference organized by Kathy Ide and members of The Christian Pen. I heard terrific speakers, made new friends and connections in the editor world, and learned so much. I’m going home a better editor and a better person. Success all the way around for attending a conference.

Part of what I learned was to nurture your heart, to do things you enjoy and that refresh you.

And I planned this conference well, because in addition to the conference, [Read more…]

The Conference Is Over, What Now?

This past weekend I was at the 2016 Wordsowers Christian Writers’ Conference where I taught on Scrivener, and also heard pitches from authors.

During the opening session, the conference director, Kat Crawford, asked how many were attending their first writers conference. I was pleasantly surprised to see nearly half the attendees raise their hands.

Kudos to you for taking that first major step toward honing your craft and getting your words out into the world.

Now that you’re back home, you might be wondering what to do now. [Read more…]

The Making of a Writers Conference

With conference season upon us, I thought it would be interesting to learn what goes into creating those conferences, so you can better evaluate the conference(s) you choose to attend (and pray for their organizers).

Hiebert interview

I asked Julane Hiebert, chairwoman of the Called to Write Writers Conference held in Pittsburg, Kansas, to share her experience and advice.

I first met Julane at last year’s Called to Write conference and wish I had had more time to get acquainted with her. Conferences are wonderful places to make new friends who are walking the same journey and understand the joys—and frustrations—of writing!

When and how did the Called to Write conference get started? [Read more…]

7 Writers Conferences to Attend

Writer’s conferences are one of the best places to get your work in front of agents and acquisitions editors. While you can find conferences happening the year round, spring and summer have the most to offer.

Now, while you still have time to rearrange your work schedule and purchase plane tickets at a reasonable price, is a good time to look at what’s ahead, and what will meet your needs.

Here are several questions to consider as you study the conferences. [Read more…]

5 Upcoming Writers Conferences

Debra L. Butterfield

Photo courtesy of Carol J. Sharp

Writers conferences are not only great places to learn, but they are a lot of fun to attend!

I enjoy teaching at conferences as much as I enjoy attending them. That’s me in the pic above, teaching at the Called to Write Conference in Pittsburg, Kansas, this past April.

At conferences, you’ll learn about writing and the world of publishing as well as be able to present your work to agents and editors. You’ll also be able to network with other writers and make new friendships.

Upcoming writers conferences [Read more…]

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